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naruto rpg join the naruto world . make a character or be a cannon and go round in your village and have fun. try and rank up in this world and the you can use more jutsu
naruto role playing

a naruto role playing game
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new people plz make a account and start rping hi and wellcome to this naruto rpg/fighting this is after naruto vs pain all the beast are free there is only 4 great village's fire water lighting and wind plz tell friemd's
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ok this site is a naruto fighting rpg site things you can do >you can go round the villages and do what you want > you can have a chunin and a jonin exam > fight your way up > have a really good chat > have a good time >rp as much as you want with your site friends > invite all your friends to this site all naruto fans !!
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 Kumo's Spider Style

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PostSubject: Kumo's Spider Style   Sat May 29, 2010 3:06 pm

Name: Web Bombs
Description: Balls of webbing that remain wet and sticky. If they hit someone or anything they explode and wrap whatever they hit in sticky webbing. This leaves whatever hit imobile. Also once the balls explode, they stay sticky, whatever touches the webbing will be stuck there also imobile.
Requirements: Water and Spider abilites
*Can be shot from mouth or wrists*

Name: Spider Spikes
Description: Kumo can shoot webbing that hardens when it makes contact with the air, and hardens into spikes. These spikes are sharper than kuni and travel as fast as bullets. They can very on size depending on how much chakra is put into them.
Requirements: Water, Spider abilites
*Can be shot from mouth or wrists*

Name:Celing of Falling Death
Description: Kumo Shoots 6 big globs of webbing into the air, he shoots them so fast that it appears he only shoots one. He then does 4 hand signs and then the globs in the air, seperate and harden into razor sharp spike which the very quickly fall to earth in a wide area.
Requirements: Water chakra, and spider abilites

Name: Vally of Exploding Death
Description: By making a single hand sign Kumo can detonate these spikes individually or all at once. These spikes do not cause eachother to explode only Kumo can set off the spikes, They can go up in a very big explodsion.
Requirements: Celing of falling Death

Name: Water Wheel
Description: User does 2 handsigns and the puts his open hand out to one side. A spout of water springs forth from the ground and begins to spin at a high rate. The user can increase the speed of this wheel by moving his arm in a cricular movement quickly. The fatser the arm moves the faster the wheel moves. This increases it's destructive power. This can be used to deflect and block attacks. it can also be thrown. Once thrown it is very destructive, and can be controled by the user by chakra. This can be used to change the direction of the wheel, to follow an opponent where ever they run to as long as there is a surface it can roll on.

Name: Web of Light and Pain
Discription: Kumo does 3 quick handsigns and then extends his arms and shoots out tons of web cords all over the place, surrounding himself and his opponet completely by wet webbing. This greatly restricts movement. He can then run his lightning chakra through the cords, elexrocuting anyone caught in the web trap. This can either stun, or kill depending on how much Kumo puts into it. Either way, this is exremely pain full for anyone caught in it and no one has ever escaped it. Kumo is immune to the lightning he puts in it, and with his spider abilites he can manuver in the webbing very quickly and with ease.
Requirements: Spider abilites, Water and Lightning Chakra
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PostSubject: Re: Kumo's Spider Style   Sat May 29, 2010 7:21 pm

1 approved but do not get how thay explode

2 approved

3 do not get

4 do not get

5 do not get

6 do not get
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PostSubject: Re: Kumo's Spider Style   Sat May 29, 2010 7:36 pm

All approved, I'll explain them to him
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PostSubject: Re: Kumo's Spider Style   

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Kumo's Spider Style
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