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naruto rpg join the naruto world . make a character or be a cannon and go round in your village and have fun. try and rank up in this world and the you can use more jutsu
naruto role playing

a naruto role playing game
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new people plz make a account and start rping hi and wellcome to this naruto rpg/fighting this is after naruto vs pain all the beast are free there is only 4 great village's fire water lighting and wind plz tell friemd's
WELCOME TO BLEACH - STORY ... ARE U A MEMBER ? IF UR JUST LOG IN .... IF UR A GUEST JUST REGISTER NOW ... AND ENJOY AND HAVE FUN IN THIS FORUM.... Good thing guys!! Now there is no email activation so registering is as fast it can be!!  SO WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR REGISTER NOW AND HAVE FUN !!!!
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ok this site is a naruto fighting rpg site things you can do >you can go round the villages and do what you want > you can have a chunin and a jonin exam > fight your way up > have a really good chat > have a good time >rp as much as you want with your site friends > invite all your friends to this site all naruto fans !!
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 clan's and how to register

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PostSubject: clan's and how to register   Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:09 pm


Uchiha Clan
Kekkai Genkai: Sharingan
Village: Konoha
Chakra types: fire / lighting
Availabity: Yes
Short description: This clan is known for its ability to copy Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and then replicate it at will. Clan members have the ability to alter their eyes to take the form of "Sharingan". With their eyes in this form clan members can copy the movement of those they examine.

Hyouton Clan
Kekkai Genkai: Hyouton [Ice release
Village: mist
Chakra types: wind/water
Availability: Yes
Short description: Not much is known about this clan. They reside in the Mist Village are known for their ability to manipulate water into forms of ice.

Senju Clan
Kekkai Genkai: Mokuton [Wood release]
Village: Konoha
Chakra types: earth/water
Availability: Yes
Short description: Senju (Thousand Arms) of the Forest are the founding clans of Konohagakure.

Hyuuga Clan
Kekkai Genkai: Byakugan
Village: cloud
Chakra types: Various
Availability: Yes
Short description: there ability to visualize the chakra pathways, or tenketsu, of their opponent. Using this technique in conjunction with taijutsu techniques, they can forcibly close their opponents chakra points so the victim can no longer use their chakra.

Aburame Clan
Kekkai Genkai: Bugs
Village: mist
Chakra types: lighting/water
Availability: Yes
Short description: At birth clan members form an agreement with bugs to inhabit and feed on the chakra their body creates. In return the bugs will serve the commands of the clan member.

Kaguya Clan
Kekkai Genkai: Shikotsu Myaku
Village: sand
Chakra types: Wind/?
Availability: Yes
Short description: The Kaguya clan hail from Suna and they are known for their love of battle. This clan has the ability to manipulate their bone structure, this ability is called Shikotsu Myaku (Corpse Bone Pathways). They can remove their bones at will to create weapons as strong as steel and also use their ability to spurn the creation of new bones.

Kibaku Nendo Clan
Kekkai Genkai: Kibaku Nendo [Exposive clay]
Village: sand
Chakra types: Earth/ lighting
Availability: Yes
Short description: They are considered great long range fighters with their ability to create exploding clay at will. "Art is a bang!"

Kekkai Genkai -

Village: Sand
Chakra types: wind/earth
Availabitlity: yes
Short descrition: Not much is known about this clan. Users have the ability to manipulate sand.

Satetsu [Iron Sand]
Village: Sand
Chakra: lightning
Availabilty: yes
Short description: Not much is known about this clan. Users have the abilty to manipulate iron sand. They can manipulate the iron sand into letal poisonous weapons.

Village: mist
Chakra types: earth/wind
Availabilty: yes
Short description: Users will have the ability to merge in the ground and see and hearing from a far distance. Having such abilities makes the user a great long range fighter.

Village: Konoha
Chakra Types water and wind
Availability: [Must have toads as summons.
Short Description: The Sage Arts allows a user to have an increase in Charka, stamina, and raw power. The only requirment is that Toads must be the users Summons.

Inuzuka Clan
village :cloud
chakra types wind and water ? [9 think i do not no but message me you you no them]
Availability yes
short Description the Inuzuka Clan are known for there love of dogs all members fight with there dogss
{ can fight with there dogs and there dogs have chakra }

Nara Clan
village konoha
chakra types wind and shadow release
Availability yes
short Description that can control shadow so there a long rang fightr

Akimichi Clan
village mist
chakra wind and earth
Availability yes
short Description can expand there body

Name: Amoroga Clan
Village: cloud
Chakra:Fire and Lightning
Kekki Genkki: Adagan

This Clan was Created when and unknown man, so jealous with the power of the sharigan and the baykugan, tried to create his own powerful ocular jutsu to destroy the other two. He began kiddnapping people from both clans and eventually, leaving many dead, he succeded. He crated an eye with 2 parts. The user could activate the eye of shin (truth). This eye is a mirror image of the sharigan, except it is white where it should be red and a dark blue where it should be black. This eye can do everything the shharigan can, except for the advanced techniques. It is unknown if this eye can even continue to become more powerul. It does however differ from the sharigan because it instantly allows it's user to see the weakness in whatever it see's. It also makes the user immune to all genjutsu. The user may also activate the eye of Attou(Overwhelming). This is the version of the Baykugan, however this makes both the users eyes completly black. Itstead of seeing the chakra in an opponent this eye jutsu acts as a doorway for nature energy to enter the users body. This increases the users physical strength except this jutsu does not allow the nature energy to take over the body. However the longer this eye is used the greater the risk of the user going mad. This eye does allow the user to see through all deception and grants the user ability he does not normally have. These eyes together are called the Adagan (eye of revenge). It is named this by the man who hated the sharigan and the baykugan and created this eye out of madness. He was hunted down by a special force of Uchiha and Huuyga. He is prosumed dead. The Amoroa clan is also the only clan able to summon Wolves. They have signed a sepecial contract with the wolves of Akuzno Ookami mt. These wolves walk on 2 legs, speak, and have been using jutsu (especially Fire and lightning) since the dawn of time, or so it is said. Legend says they were among the animals who taught man to use the first jutsu. They are expert trackers and can grow to increadible sizes. The Amoroga clan generally have white hair and resemble Kakashi Hakate. all the clans you can have .
but the sharigan can not do no genjutsu but thay are immune to genjutsu

so you but which one ypu pick and put it as your kg

you register like this

name :
kg :
looks like :
weapons :
history :
you can do family two
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clan's and how to register
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