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naruto rpg join the naruto world . make a character or be a cannon and go round in your village and have fun. try and rank up in this world and the you can use more jutsu
naruto role playing

a naruto role playing game
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new people plz make a account and start rping hi and wellcome to this naruto rpg/fighting this is after naruto vs pain all the beast are free there is only 4 great village's fire water lighting and wind plz tell friemd's
WELCOME TO BLEACH - STORY ... ARE U A MEMBER ? IF UR JUST LOG IN .... IF UR A GUEST JUST REGISTER NOW ... AND ENJOY AND HAVE FUN IN THIS FORUM.... Good thing guys!! Now there is no email activation so registering is as fast it can be!!  SO WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR REGISTER NOW AND HAVE FUN !!!!
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ok this site is a naruto fighting rpg site things you can do >you can go round the villages and do what you want > you can have a chunin and a jonin exam > fight your way up > have a really good chat > have a good time >rp as much as you want with your site friends > invite all your friends to this site all naruto fans !!
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 Bat Jutsu more to be added later

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PostSubject: Bat Jutsu more to be added later   Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:23 pm

Bat clone

My bats can fuse together to form a clone of me. When the clone is hurt the bats disperse.

Long ranged bat communication

This jutsu allows me to communicate with the local bat cave from anywhere in the village, and i can communicate with the hyper bats and king bat telekinetically.

Striking shadow bat

This jutsu allows me too shot a swarm of bats out of my sleeves, or mouth. They can do anything from swarming my enemy or sucking out the blood. I can use these bats for many things.

Bat storm jutsu

This calls forth a swarm of bats much like the bird jutsu. This call forth a large swarm of birds that allow me to hide and attack. My body is not visible in this storm. If i take out a blade you will be able to see it tho.

Bat transformation jutsu

I can turn into a bat to travail faster than any human can on foot, being able to get anywhere within the hour, but i am not able to use ninjutsu or genjutsu when using this jutsu.

Poison bat:

This bat has a poison powder that causes my opponent to see things. This is much like Poison Moth Genjutsu except with bats.

Bat hearing:

I am able to hear bats, and use there sonar to give me a 3d map of my surroundings constantly.
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PostSubject: Re: Bat Jutsu more to be added later   Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:27 pm

Bat clone - approved

long ranged bat communication - dissapproved

Striking shadow bat- approved

Bat storm jutsu- dissapoved

Bat transformation jutsu -approved but a bat gose at 6 miles per hour

Poison bat: - dissaproved

Bat hearing: - dissaproved

you can summon bats your not the master lol like and you are still genin you should not beabill to do most of them
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Bat Jutsu more to be added later
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